Ways to re-energize your team when morale is low

When organizations face multiple tough changes at once, it’s hard for morale to stay high. Leaders often ask me what they can do to re-energize their teams. These 3 R’s may come in handy:

1. Revitalize – constantly emphasize why the work your team is doing matters. What is their contribution to reaching the set goals and vision.

2. Repair – with tough changes in the organization, relationships can break down. Make time to listen, forgive and then recommit.

3. Refocus – sit down with your team and ask the following questions:
•What can we do better?
•What do we need to let go of?
•What is truly essential for achieving the work that we really believe matters?

And of course, as a leader make sure to also take care of yourself in those changes. If you’re burned out, you can’t help others.

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