“The coaching sessions with Barbara were valuable, a great space to reflect and think. The questions asked challenged me to look at the assumptions I am making and allowed me to see the choices that are available to me as I decide what steps I want to take next on my career path.”
– Global Program Manager (Automotive)

“Working with Barbara over 6 months, really helped our new executive team in getting clarity around our professional goals and  responsibilities as well as building connection and trust amongst ourselves. Her positive energy and refreshing candour helped us develop a framework for moving forward together as one team.”
– CEO (Technology)

 “I really enjoyed the sessions that we had. The sessions continued after the sessions ended in that they had a lasting impact and provided food for thought. If I were to answer what did I get out of the session: feeling of having more clarity, more calm and confidence.”
– Head of Culture & Change (Retail)

“Thank you for your inspiring, insightful and energizing team building workshop! You opened up valuable new perspectives on what we together as a team want to work on to become more  trusting and collaborative.”
– CEO (FinTech)

“When we started on our team coaching journey, we had so many unspoken conflicts. Working with Barbara helped us open up and start having the open dialogues we needed to move forward to become a high-performing team.”
– Vice President (Pharma)

 “Barbara played an important role in my leadership development. She helped me navigate the challenges of being a new member of the C-Suite through guided self-reflections and explorations. “
– People Development Executive (Media)

Barbara was one of an elite team hired to work on one of the most demanding projects in the company’s history, re-designing and rebuilding our customer service model world-wide. Barbara excelled in an extremely chaotic environment, helping leaders navigate crucial conversations and dealing with change where failure was not an option. The project would not have been a success without Barbara.”
– Vice President (Financial Services)